Welcome to Beeuda

The First-Ever Truck Builder Crypto Project

Building Trucks for the Future

About us

Invest in Eco-Friendly & Road Safe Trucks

Beeuda is a unique cryptocurrency project focused on building and promoting eco-friendly, road safe trucks.

With the help of our community, our technology partners and truck builders, we can put clean and road safe truck cabs on the road.

Beeuda Truck Driver THANK YOU Challenge

To participate create a 30 secs video saying ” THANK YOU TRUCK DRIVERS“. You can also Send 1 BDA token to 0xB3E31BdE846eA70ac6F34DD46cb2D5Ab11a2d598

To participate create a 30 secs video saying ” THANK YOU TRUCK DRIVERS“. You can also Send 1 BDA token to 0xB3E31BdE846eA70ac6F34DD46cb2D5Ab11a2d598

Inspired by

EU's target to cut truck CO2 emission and boost zero-emission truck sales

In the future, we hope to partner and gain support from the following major auto brands. Together, we can build an eco-safe planet.

Prospective partners


Circulation Supply: 3,751,630

Deployer: 597,466

Reserves: 650,904

Prototype and NFT: 500,000

Airdrop: 350,000

Marketing/Bounty: 300,000

Presale: 500,000

Developer: 500,000

Liquidity Pool: 1,301,630

Burnt: 300,000

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You can donate BNB to 0xbdf78ef72f35187094ee5f110f0f7a0da1832bcb  or any of the above liquidity Pool address. The funds will be used to create liquidity for Beeuda Token.

What We Do

How does this work?

We plan to build a few eco-friendly and road safe trucks with funds raised from Beeuda’s token sales. Then, we will list the trucks for a special auction accepting only Beeuda token as the bid payment. Revenue raised from the bids will be used to promote and build more eco-friendly and road safe trucks. 20% of sales revenue will be added to a locked Liquidity Pool and therefore will create liquidity and value for Beeuda Token.

1. Token sale

50% of the funds raised from the token sales will be used to create Locked Liquidity Pools for Beeuda token on Pancakeswap.

2. Build Eco-Friendly and Road Safe Trucks

Promoting and building eco-friendly and road safe trucks with funds raised with the help of our technology partners.

3. Special Truck Auction/Bidding Event

Organise a special auction to sell Beeuda trucks; 50% of bid payment must be made using Beeuda token.

4. Add 20% of Sales Revenue to LP

Add 20% of the revenue from sales to a locked Liquidity pool transparent through a special community event.

5. Restart the Process

Restart the process by building new trucks for auction and complete each step again.

6. Beeuda Truck Factory

A percentage of the revenue raised will be reserved for building Beeuda truck factory in preparation for future expansion.

Looking Into the Future

Beeuda is looking into the future, we understand that eco-friendly technology is the future, that is why we have chosen to build trucks for the future. We hope our contribution will have a positive impact to the earth and the crypto community.

How to Buy Beeuda Token

1. Download Trust Wallet
Simply visit trustwallet.com and download the application. NEVER SHARE YOUR SEED

2.Load your wallet with BNB!
Purchase BNB or BSC to fund your wallet with. These coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain environment.

3. Go the the DApps tab and click on Pancake Swap
Pancake Swap is an exchange that allows users to swap BNB with defi coins

4. Swap BNB for Beeuda (BDA)
Contract Address:0x5b7f0c82d342be42c94d789cfc3aae29863d123e

Beeuda Road Map

Community Building

Phase 1

Growth & Presale

Phase 2

Build Prototype Truck

Phase 3

Building First Truck

Phase 4