White Paper

What Is Beeuda?

Beeuda is a unique cryptocurrency project leveraging on the power of blockchain technology to build and promote eco-friendly and road safe trucks. With community participation and prospective technical partners, we hope to integrate blockchain technology into truck building. Beeuda project is inspired by EU’s target to cut truck CO2 emission and boost zero-emission truck sales.

Beeuda (BDA) Token is a standard Bep20 utility token that will be used for the following:

  • Bidding & Purchasing Prototypes of Eco-Friendly Trucks
  • Supporting and promoting road safety projects
  • As an incentive token to create awareness on the need for eco-friendly and safe trucks
  • As an incentive token to support Truck drivers and the truck community
  • Creating a safe planet for the future generation
  • Beeuda NFT Marketplace
  • Beeuda Space Truck Metaverse


Beeuda tools include:

  • Truck carbon footprint tracker calculator app
  • Eco-Friendly campaign/awareness incentive app
  • Truck Bidding App
  • NFT and Metaverse space

Beeuda Token Circulation and Total supply

Beeuda token was launched in Binance smart chain mainnet on March 27, 2021, with a total supply of 5 million Beeuda tokens. At the time of writing, 11.9 % of Token is in Beeuda deployer address.  6% of Beeuda token is in Binance Hot wallet. 12% of Beeuda token is reserved to create more liquidity pool, 10% of Beeuda token, reserved to support Eco-friendly causes around the world. Remaining 60% of Beeuda token in circulation.

Who Are the founders of Beeuda?

Beeuda project was founded by community of  Eco-friendly and Green energy campaigners, who strongly believe the only way to make the planet safe for future generation is through continuous collaborative efforts, by promoting, supporting and building eco-friendly technology.

At the time of writing, Beeuda project is considered a start up project with huge potential for future growth. We are in total a team of 20 including paid staff members.

The founders of Beeuda, strongly believe green energy is the future and there is no better way to promote green energy than blockchain which is also an emerging technology. We choose truck building as it’s considered has one of the highest environmental pollutant. We believe by using the power of blockchain technology, we can create a Truck green energy grid. We hope to contribute in creating sustainable energy system for future, generation.

Where Can I Buy Beeuda?

Beeuda token is currently trading on PancakeSWAP DEX. To  SWAP you BNB or USDT token for Beeuda token visit https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x5b7f0c82d342be42c94d789cfc3aae29863d123e

As the community grows, we plan to list on CEX exchanges like , Latoken, Gate.io , Binance, Coinbase .